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This was the very first graphic game I made for my 7 year old daughter.  I started off making a basic block breaking game with a paddle and blocks.  Since my daughter loves Batman so much, I attached my code to a Batman image, coded him to catch a batarang instead of deflecting a ball and added some of my daughter's favorite music to personalize the game for her.  It has 3 levels with harder bricks to destroy.

Unfortunately, there is a rare glitch that happens if the batarang goes too fast.  Sometimes it goes right through my side and top barriers.  If this happens push CTRL+ALT+DELETE to close the game.  Normally I would fix this glitch (by adjusting the update rates or thickness of the barriers) but I pulled a loser move and deleted the project and all my code by accident!  Like I said, my first game and I'm a complete NEWBEE!  But I learned a lot and always back up my scripts and projects now.

Anyway, enjoy!  I'm sorry it's named after my daughter and has the one glitch...but at least its free!


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